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Become an agent of change for your customers


Customer champions empathize with the experiences of customers and seek to improve outcomes for them. However, in modern organizations, no one individual can have meaningful impact on their own, these champions bring colleagues together to improve the customer experience (CX).


This toolkit has been designed, following strategic design practices, to help you better: 

Assess the value of CX to your organization/team.


Align customer needs with organizational goals.


Understand and activate
your colleagues.


This toolkit is designed to guide anyone who is attempting to be the advocate for the customer within their organization but is unsure where to start, or who to engage, to make meaningful change happen.

Ideally, the user of this toolkit has the ability to influence strategic change at the organizational level, however, this same approach can be modified to work at business unit or team levels if that is more appropriate for the situation.


This toolkit is not a replacement for a customer-centric process—it is to be employed pre-project, specifically: 

  • When you have discovered an apparent customer painpoint and seek internal support to launch a customer-centered project.

  • Before you have a specific customer painpoint in mind, but aspire to create a customer-centered culture.


After completing the steps in this toolkit, you will have more confidence of your ask and a better understanding as to where you should start.


Anybody who advocates for the customer in their organization is a customer champion. You may be an executive leader,  program manager, or even an associate; if you listen to, and understand, your customers’ needs and then communicate that need with leaders across the organization to drive change, you are a customer champion.


There are a number of professional roles that could be considered full-time customer champions, most notably in the discipline of Customer Experience (CX). CX Specialists, CX Strategists, CX Managers and even Chief CX Officers are becoming commonplace in many organizations. CX professionals listen to customers, understand and communicate the customers’ experience, and work with teams across the organization to improve the experience for customers.


If you want to champion your customers, it would be advisable to see if there is a CX team already in your organization that may be able to support you.


As this toolkit is currently in testing, I would appreciate it if you could provide your email address for me to follow up and hear about your experience. These questions also help to generate the relevant toolkit for your needs.

Do you have a specific customer painpoint or CX project in mind?

This toolkit has been developed as the culmination of my MS in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design and is currently in testing. It will be updated and publicly released once testing is complete. If you wish to take part in this round of user testing, please add your email address when downloading the toolkit.


If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on or via the contact page of this website. All feedback is massively helpful in shaping the end solution. Thank you.

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