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Passionate about human experience with an uncomfortably large, tight headshot.

Thank you for visiting my webspace. I'm using it as a sort of professional archive, both for myself and for those who are interested in my work. 

I've always been a believer of creating meaningful experiences for others. While still in high school I approached my local basketball team and convinced them that I could make their match day experience better. Shockingly, I was given the opportunity—but no budget. To their surprise, I secured the support of the Coca-Cola Company as sponsor, found a new mascot, built media partnerships and filled the halftime slots with varied displays for each home game. Ever since, I have understand the value of collaboration and partnerships to exponentially increase value and impact.


In later years, I would convince my employers (a small design firm) to allow me to reach out to the United Nations’ migrant body with a view to helping them with the 2016 European humanitarian crisis. This engagement resulted in unprecedented International acclaim, attention for the consultancy, and more importantly, impacted the lived experience of many migrants fleeing war.


This spirit of bringing teams together to improve services and customer experiences continues to push and excite me . If it inspires you too, I would love to hear from you. 


- John

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