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A short-form history of key positions & experiences.

2019 - 2020

Public Policy Lab

Policy Design Strategist

While studying Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design, I am working at the Public Policy Lab, a New York based non-profit that follows human-centered design practices to improve public services for at-risk communities. 

Here, I help reduce service fragmentation by enabling various government agencies to collaborate together around shared public services. During my time here I have been involved in projects helping to: improve housing success rates for homeless shelters in New York City, reduce school absenteeism rates of students living in temporary housing, and support small business owners understand and comply with ADA requirements. I have also led smaller projects including a redesign of the role of Family Assistant to effectively support families of homeless public school students during the Covid-19 pandemic (and beyond), and an engagement with a department within the U.S. Federal Government to develop a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs.

2015 - 2018

User Experience Consultant

A UX consultant who helped understand business and user requirements to develop great services, products or future states for our clients in healthcare, sports science, e-commerce and software. I also was the creator of the successful DesignFix program and acted as lead designer for those collaborations.

During this time, I wrote the published white paper 'Rules of Engagement; Design Principles for Civic Dialogue in a Post-Truth Era', and led projects that won numerous awards including Best User Experience (Fast Company's 'Innovation by Design' Awards 2018), Best Concept (IxDA Interaction Awards 2018), and Grand Prix (UX Awards 2017). 


University of Limerick 

University Lecturer

Having previously guest lectured, I was invited to re-design and deliver the University of Limerick's Human-Computer Interaction class. 

The department of Computer Science and Information Systems wanted to transform their HCI class to be more industry focused and more practical for students. Working with a Teaching Assistant, I developed a program of study for the 97 students who took the class from four different year groups and academic/professional backgrounds. The redesigned class combined hands on project work and student-led analysis of historical precedents and current best practice. 

2013 - 2016

Serve the City Limerick

Non-Profit Co-Founder

Upon moving to Dublin, I discovered Serve the City; an International non-profit organization that organizes volunteers to help the vulnerable and marginalized in their communities through small acts of kindness. Working with the national and international leadership teams at STC, I worked with a partner to build a chapter in my hometown.

Each month, we brought volunteer teams to community centers, halfway houses or people's homes to entertain, paint, clean, garden and give our time. I led the effort to build strong links with funders, social workers (for client referrals) and volunteers. At it’s peak STC Limerick had over 100 volunteers.

2013 - 2014

Account Manager & Project Lead

PR Slides was a digital photo library for fashion, interior and lifestyle brands to share searchable high-res product images for columnists and bloggers. 

As Employee #2, my core responsibility was to be the liaison for our users (brands and columnists). I was also responsible for working with our external tech team and prioritizing their workload. I would later help with hiring, growth, developing internal processes, leading new initiatives and crafting the user experience.


Boston Scientific

Business Process Improvement Project Lead

As part of my Bachelors of Business Studies, I had a 9 month work placement in Boston Scientific where I worked as a Project Lead for two efficiency projects. 

LEAN Outbound was a multi-stakeholder venture to reduce the shipping and sterilization time of the product. Other goals included improved real-time tracking and cost reductions. A separate, internal project I led sought to find task-efficiencies on the line and implement Standard Work with the overall aim of reducing headcount by c.10%. Both projects had successful outcomes.

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