I've been lucky to get to work on so many collaborations and initiatives that have drawn the public's interest and inspired those beyond our project teams. Below is an archive of some of those stories; some directly reference me, others discuss work I was involved in.   
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By Mike Joose

Connection: An Interview with  Designation, where I studied design.

Designing for Humans: John Buckley and the DesignFix Initiative

31st December 2018

"Part of my role in, aside from standard client work, was to act as a kind of futurist-in-residence within the team; I was challenged to think about bigger problems, to build strategic partnerships and, ultimately, to strengthen their brand position"


By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Connection: I was Design Lead on Moot, the subject of this article.

A New Platform For More Civil Civic Discourse

10th September 2018

"In an era of rising populism, with extremism and distrust warping civic dialogue, a group of Irish designers and researchers are harnessing technology to help reverse the erosion of faith in public institutions."


By Frank Gaine

Connection: I am a quoted contributor to this article.

Designers Need to Toughen Up

June 2017

""Education programs for designers must recognize the importance of understanding how business really works” said John Buckley, UX Designer"


By Jennifer Darmody

Connection: I am a quoted contributor to this article.

How to be a UX designer

5th December 2016

"“There is no best path to landing a career in UX,” says Buckley. “However, it’s quite a sought-after role so, no matter what, you do need to show an interest and a passion – how you convey that is up to the individual.”"

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By Dominic Basulto

Connection: I was the UX designer on the UI that sports coaches use to interface with IBM Watson.

What IBM Watson Can Do For Elite Athletes

1st October 2015

"The Coach Watson initiative is similar to other efforts to use data to enable peak athletic performance, but with one critical difference – Coach Watson will have at its disposal the supercomputing potential of IBM Watson to make sense of it all."


By Alison Coleman

Connection: I was employee #2; responsible for clients & product.

How Irish Tech Entrepreneurs Are Rebooting Ireland's Economy

24th January 2014

"PR Slides a Dublin-based online media hub for fashion and beauty brands has moved a step closer to its vision of disrupting the PR industry by creating a global digital PR platform."


By Gerry Scullion

Connection: Conversation with Frank Long featuring my work.

Designing a Design Culture to Empower Richer Social Outcomes

9th October 2018

"I encourage any designers out there with a social design appetite to really read this because this is the kind of work that you could bring to your boss and say, you know what? This is something we could try."


By Alan Jacques

Connection: I am on the subject of this profile piece.

Limerickman's Bid to Transform Global Democracy

20th April 2018

""Change is slow but it’s happening. We’ve created these principles to nudge that change in the right direction,” he concluded."


By Aida Akl

Connection: I am interviewed and quoted throughout this article.

Mobile Tech Key to Migrant Health Care Solutions

10th March 2017

"In the process, Buckley hopes to promote human-centered design – understanding the needs of end-users first – as an effective way to tackle social issues."

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By TechCentral Reporters

Connection: I was the Project Lead on the subject of this article.

IOM, Designers Team Up to Reimagine Healthcare for Migrants

16th September 2016

"We’ve reimagined the healthcare system from the bottom up, that can work remotely anywhere in the world and bridge the gaps between the various service providers"


By Alan Jacques

Connection: I am a quoted contributor to this article.

Limerick Volunteers Celebrate Twelve Months Serving the City

6th March 2015

"Over the past year, John and his team have been joined by over 50 active volunteers to make a big impact on the lives of dozens of less well off people in the city."


By Suzanne Labarre

Connection: I was Design Lead on a mentioned project (Moot).

Want to See the Future? Just Look to this Year's Top Designs

10th September 2018

"It’s a heartening demonstration of design’s ability to strengthen ties between citizens, government, and society."


By James Cartwright

Connection: I was Design Lead for the 'Frontend proposal' mentioned.

Can Demagogues be Designed out of Democracy?

3rd April 2018

"Frontend’s proposal is less radical in scope, and as such, perhaps more pragmatic. The firm suggests  redesigning how the public engages with individual issues, through interfaces that are already familiar as part of everyday routines."

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By Kevin Kline

Connection: I was Project Lead on a collaboration mentioned.

Irish Social Entrepreneurs Doing Well by Doing Good

21st December 2016

"Then there are the ones who approached global problems head on. Frontend ... teamed up with the International Organization for Migration to find ways technology could help migrants."


By Niall Kitson

Connection: This is an interview discussing the IOM collaboration.

Interview: Tech Radio

16th September 2016

"This week .... we share a chat with John Buckley from UX Consultancy Frontend about design thinking."


By Alan Jacques

Connection: I am a quoted contributor to this article.

Volunteering Initiative Ready to Serve Limerick City

24th July 2015

"“Serve the City is all about people coming together to fill in the cracks – either for the benefit of the whole community, or for an individual in our community.""