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I've been fortunate to get the opportunity to share my work and thoughts at events and conferences across Europe and North America.
IxDA Award Presenting.png

IxDA Interaction Awards

Presented 2021 IxDA Interaction award for the Expressing category to Local Project for Planet Word.

Online | February 2021


IXDA Barcelona

Design Principles for Civic Dialogue in a Post-Truth Era

Having led an IxDA Best Concept award winning team, I was invited to speak to Barcelona's IxDA community.

Barcelona | April 2018

John Buckley Conflux 2017.png

Conflux 2017

Conflux was an event which brought Dublin's UX communities and groups together for a series of short talks and summer drinks / food.

Dublin | Jul 2017



International UX Design

As an alumnus, the team at DESIGNATION invited me to speak to the current cohort of design students about unintentional international users' experience of products and designs. 

Chicago | Nov 2016

John Buckley UXDX Europe.png

UXDX Europe

A talk discussing the use of Design Principles and Assumption Documents to align and inspire teams.

Amsterdam | June 2018

John Buckley IxDA Dublin.jpeg

IxDA Dublin

Design Principles for Civic Dialogue in a Post-Truth Era

Having led an IxDA Best Concept award winning team I was invited to speak to Dublin's IxDA community as part of their Redux event.

Dublin | February 2018

John Buckley IxDA Berlin.jpg

IxDA Berlin

On the back of our IxDA Interaction Awards 2017 win, IxDA Berlin invited me to introduce our IOM collaboration and speak about healthcare design more generally.

Berlin | July 2017

John Buckley DesignFix.JPG

DesignFix Symposium

A short talk introducing and giving an overview of our collaboration with the United Nations' migration body, IOM, looking at innovative healthcare solutions for mobile migrants.

Dublin | Sept 2016

John Buckley TICTeC.jpg

TICTeC Civic Tech Conf 2018

Outlining the findings and proposals of the Rules of Engagement white paper to civic tech practitioners.

Lisbon | April 2018

John Buckley Science Gallery.jpg

Science Gallery

As part of the Science Galery's 'In Case of Emergency' exhibition, I gave a short talk introducing our citizen-gov communication project.

Dublin | October 2017

John Buckley DublinUX.jpeg

Dublin UX

A talk exploring the potential for Irish UX designers as being particularly well suited to adapting designs in the localization of products.

Dublin | Nov 2016

John Buckley How to Prepare for Products

How to Prepare for Products of Tomorrow

A Practical Guide to Designing a Career in Design

As a recently hired designer who 'hacked' their way onto the career ladder, I was invited to speak about my unorthodox methods of getting into the industry and attracting multiple job offers.

Dublin | Nov 2015

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