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The Customer Champion Toolkit, having been co-designed with renowned Customer Experience (CX) experts, it is now open for live testing.
I cannot express my appreciation for you testing this toolkit and am excited to hear your feedback.
Prototype Testing

This toolkit is currently in testing and will be updated and publicly released once testing is complete. 

Testing Process: 

  • Download the print or digital version of the toolkit, and complete it.

  • I will reach out via email to schedule a conversation about your experience.

  • Following this round of testing, I will gather that feedback and redesign the form for public use.


If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on All feedback is massively helpful in shaping the end solution.

Toolkit Overview

This toolkit will help customer champions have greater organizational impact by considering the systemic and human contexts within which they operate. It encourages users to look outside of their daily role to make connections between their, and others’, goals—namely the goals of organizational leadership and the goals of relevant peers across the organization. 

Specifically, this toolkit will help customer champions:

  • Assess the organization’s commitment to it’s customers, and 

  • earn cross-functional buy-in for their Customer Experience (CX) initiatives.


The anticipated outcome is that users who follow the steps outlined will be better equipped to communicate their customer-led initiative, explain how it connects to organizational aims, and how it can support the work of critical internal stakeholders. The hope is that by having completed this guide, users will have more confidence of their ask and a better understanding as to where they should start.

Is this for you?

This toolkit is designed to guide anyone who is attempting to be the advocate for the customer in their organization.


It can be particularly effective for those who have a mandate to represent the customers’ voice (an executive leader, CX strategist, program manager, etc.) and/or who work with a wide number of people across the organization. Essentially it is for anyone who wants to improve the customer experience but is either unsure where to start or who to engage to make meaningful change happen.


Ideally, the user of this guide and toolkit has the ability to influence strategic change at the organizational level, however, this same approach can be modified to work at business unit or team levels if that is more appropriate for the situation.


This toolkit is not a replacement for a customer-centric process—it is to be employed pre-project, specifically 

  • When users have discovered an apparent CX problem and aim to get support to conduct a CX project.

  • Before users have a specific CX problem in mind, but seek to create a customer-centered culture.

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