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As the CX field matures, young professionals are becoming increasingly eager to build their careers in customer experience. However, with shifting definitions and without a clear growth pathway it can be a daunting ambition. As such, I hope to interview CX leaders and hive-mind a path for emerging customer champions.

Be my guest, be my guest...

I talk a lot about customer champions because I believe every employee should be encouraged to identify customer needs and help drive customer-led improvements. These shouldn’t be tasks that one department has exclusive rights over. This mindset and work is something we want everyone to incorporate into their roles across organizations and industries. 


However, even as organizations talk more about being customer-centric and certain functions now capture customer input as standard practice. Most of us have also noticed that in many firms "CX" activity is still siloed to digital product teams or—if at the business level— is often a renaming of existing practices. Customer champions, without leadership backing, have no teeth to drive actual customer outcome improvements.

At the start of the year, I was named as one of ten global emerging leaders in the field of customer experience by the CXPA. This spurred a great deal of reflection for me and, seeing as I conduct interviews with customers for a living, I decided to reach out and ask the current crop of CX leaders: ‘What can the upcoming generation of CX leaders do to best position themselves to be effective in driving customer-first mindsets in our organizations?” 

Audio Series Format

I am aiming to conduct six to eight interviews with leaders in the field of customer experience. Each participant will answer the same set of questions. The interview recordings will then be spliced together to create five short shows aimed at aspiring customer champions: 


Show Titles TBD

  1. A window into the day-to-day work of CX leaders.

  2. Soft skills the next generation of CX leaders should brush up on.

  3. Hard skills emerging CX leaders should master.

  4. What CX leaders are looking for when hiring.

  5. CX leaders were asked to give one piece of advice to aspiring customer champions—here is what they said.

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