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Most of my work is under NDA, but here are a number of projects I can publicize. 

Moot; Civic Dialogue Concept

Moot is an AI powered communication channel that groups citizen messages so that public representatives and officials can host meaningful conversations with their constituents.

The concept was developed from the 'Design Principles for Civic Dialogue in a Post-Truth Era' white paper.

My Role: I envisioned the general concept and led the design team for Moot.


Design Principles for Civic Dialogue in a Post-Truth Era

Following a year of research and design thinking into the issues of public trust and populism, I wrote this white paper for governments, civic tech practitioners and social media platforms to consider when designing for civic communication. 

My Role: I conducted the research, developed the principles & wrote the paper.


Healthcare Provisioning for Mobile Migrants

During the 2015-2017 Syrian humanitarian crisis, the United Nations' migrant body, IOM, realized that their standard processes for delivering healthcare weren't working.

IOM asked to explore how they could better serve migrants who were not staying at their refugee camps but were digitally connected.

My Role: I was the project manager and design lead.

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